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Ice cooling+ Skin tone sensor IPL Hair Removal Device

Ice cooling technology:Synchronization of icy cool and ipl technology, convenient hair removal. Sensitive skin can also be used.

9 levels:Tailored to you and a trully  personalizsed expereince for  a bespoke IPL treatment.

990,000 flashes: Unlimited flashes, you don’t have to buy any replacement for it

Two Flash Modes: Manual mode and continuously automatic mode

UV Filter protects your skin:By preventing harmful light to reach the skin with a 3mm glass UV filter

Smart Skin Tone Sensing Technology protects your skin:By continuously reading your unique skintone and automatically adjusting the energy accordingly, delivering the safest and most effective energy output for you.

Skin Contact Sensor:PULSE only flashes when in contact with skin, preventing accidental flashes.

Product Number KCA509
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